Amateur Radio Station HB9GFX (DG9BDI)

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Stefan Braun Samichlausenstrasse 2a · CH-5312 Döttingen ·

I am a Radio Amateur since 1990 and focused on Digital Modes in Shortwave and VHF/UHF .

Amateur Radio


First Step into Digital Modes

In 2012 I started DStar using an Icom IC9100.

Later on I bought my first handheld with DSTar an Icom ID31

Because there was no repeater close to my QTH I looked for an alternative and found the DVMini.

With the DV4Mini the experimenting in DStar Modes realy started

Because the DV4Mini was not satisfying I changed soon to a DVMega on a Raspberry.

So I had to learn how Linux is working

With the DVMega all started to experiment more deep and later on I also expanded to DMR




With the implementation of DMR to MMDVM I bought my first DMR Radio

A Retevis RT 3 which I still own

DMR and Dstar runs in parallel on my Hotspot, but this was not satisfying me also.

Therefore I created my 2nd hotspot based on Raspberry and DVMega

Soon because most of the people I talk to where more active in DMR I bought the first mobile Radio A Connect Systems CS 800 which a friend brought from the US

Because of things changed fast and all time new functionallity was added, I started as well to experiment with my hotspots and created some functions and ideas to implement.

See hotspot section



First digital mode on Shortwave




Hotspot with Raspberry

portable Hotspot

My first portable hotspot was a combination of a Raspberry 2 and a DV4Mini.

To keep the case transpotable I detouched the DV4Mini from its case and put off the USB lug and soldered wires direct to the connection of the USB port of the Raspberry.

This gave me the space to mount the DV4Mini into the case of the Raspberry.

I used a chinese touch display to be able to configure the DV4Mini Software without keyboard an mouse

Because the DV4Mini solution was not so satifying I changed soon to MMDVM software and to a DVMega Radio Board

This enabled also the possibility to use the hotspot for DMR and DStar at the same time



Fiat Ducato Suntight T64

From 2004 until 2012 we owed a Caravan Brstner TK 535

After moving from Noth Germany to the Swiss bourder we decided to change it to a Camper.

We looked arround for a used Camper but we coundnt fine anything fitting to us and which met our expectations.

So we found something which was a show Camper and went to the dealer to whatch it in real. But this Camper was just rented out.

The dealer showed us a similar one which was new and which he offered us for a real good price because the season of the year was nearly done.

THe price was so hot that we decided to buy this one which is now part of our family.

We are doing lots of traveling mostly to Italy


Apart from being a Radio Amateur, I enjoy most of my time being outdoors. In summer, we use most of the free time to travel with our camper or relaxing on our nice terasse enjoying some drinks and the nice view.

When forced indoors, I follow my skills at the computer, I am an aspiring chef, and I spend a large amount of my free time exploring the latest technology advancements and technology trends.


Dashboards and Gateways